Stopping birds nesting in Industrial and Commercial Places

Pest birds are very common bird pest problems in commercial and Industrial places like vents and Balconies, Godowns and factories, Fisheries, Courtyards, Fruit trees, and Carports, Warehouses causing damage to properties and occupational health, infrastructure, and safety issues, and biosecurity risks.

Birds such as pigeons, gulls, and sparrows cause severe problems for industrial and commercial environments. Anti-Bird Nets can safeguard commercial and Industrial places like vents and Balconies, Godowns and factories, Fisheries, Courtyards, Fruit trees, Carports, Warehouses and much more. Companies and commercial administrations are often looking for a solution on how to stop birds nesting, as that is the first part of the problem of pest birds in industrial and commercial environments.

Assessments and Cleaning

Humane way to get rid of bird nests is to ascertain your local nesting season and begin removing nests before that period . A clear and professional bird management plan should begin with assessing the environment to find out where ideal nesting spaces are located. Once assessed you can start implementing removing nests from these areas.

Environmental Management

Industrial and Commercial Places are prone to food litter or food spills should be managed effectively regularly. Birds are attracted to environments with food availability. So we should prevent bins in public areas and banning the feeding of birds in and outside your domain.

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