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Author: Chirag Netting Team| Updated On: 15 Oct 2021

Our Products- Chirag Netting

Chirag Netting is one of the leading manufacturer and supplier of Anti-Bird Netting products installations and Bird Proofing Solutions and Methods, Insect Screens, Anti-Bird Nets, Bird spikes, Bird netting Accessories, Retractable Insect Screens, Retractable Roller Screens, Honeycomb Blinds, Barrier Free Insect Screens, Detachable pleated Insect Screens, Retractable Metal Shutter Screens, many more products. Chirag Netting products are best in quality and are light weight, weather proof material that is durable. We offered these products in different sizes and shapes and customizations.

What We DO

Anti Bird Net which is used extensively as for bird exclusion


Bird Spike are designed for horizontal surfaces

Sports net is used creating more safe space out of a limited area.

A window screen (also known as insect screen, bug screen…

This product can be used to protect your house easily.

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